Welcome to the new age of Indoor Cycling!

No more boring indoor cycling classes where you’re stuck looking back and forth between an instructor and the mirrors on the walls, sitting on a bike that doesn't move. We decided to put an end to the monotony!

With patented technology, VirtuRide is the only indoor cycling studio in the world where you can ride and move with the video, in front of a Mega screen with real road videos on it. Your bike will incline up to 20 degrees up and 20 degrees down, and tilt up to 10 degrees from side to side, allowing you to move in tandem with the terrain over which you ride. On top of that, a personal 20 inch fan will blow air at you to imitate the wind on the road. Throughout the ride, your name, heart rate and calories burned will be displayed on the side screens to give you an overall experience of cycling on a real road, with the exact info you need to know how well you're riding. We bring the ultimate outdoor riding experience to the indoors!